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Royal Canadian Legion MacDonald Br. 183 Kincardine

Korean War Monument
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A tribute to Canadian Veterans of the Korean War


 After more than 50 years
Canada's Korean War Veterans
are being honoured by their
Nation's Government Leaders.
For that we gather in appreciation
with fellow Veterans to
celebrate the lives of those who served with
 us and those
who are no longer among us and to recall
how all of us, in our youth, set a grand
example of selfless sacrifice that helped to
save a friendly nation and ensured the
freedom of tens of millons of people
in the Republic of Korea.
We will never forget our Comrades
who rest there.
(Picture and text from the "A Night of Tribute to Canadian Veterans of the Korean War" program)

The Monument prior to unvailing
Picture taken by Comrade Emma Greco

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