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Kincardine Legion, RCL MacDonald Br. 183
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On this page we'll include pictures of events, people, and things that relate to our branch.

District Convention in Stratford

3 Blind Mice visiting Zone 'C1' Hospitality Room

Friendly Get-together

Remembrance Day 2002

Remembrance day Kids
Barb Wilkinson, Poppy Chair, with kids on Remembrance Day

Barb Wilkinson, Poppy Chair for Br. 183, posing with local school kids after the Remembrance Day Ceremony

The 3 blind mice entering the Hospitality room

Parade at District 'C' Spring Convention in Stratford

Remembrance Day Cerimony 2002

Our Vets at the annual Veterans Banquet

Group photo of our veterans present at the annual Veterans Banquet. This picture was printed on the cover of our bulletin.

Store window contest winner

Councillor Genn Sutton presents 1st place winner's cheque to Jackie owner of  by Jackie. All winners cheques were donated to the Poppy Fund.